Hristina Tasheva

As an artist using the medium photography socio-political issues inspire me.

Being born in the sunset of the communistic system in Bulgaria, I experienced its failure and collapse. The disillusionment and the ‘new’ freedom arising from the ‘open’ borders, inspired me to search for new possibilities in life: just like another 232 million migrants all over the world.

When I arrived in the Netherlands I became an illegal immigrant and an inhabitant of the society’s periphery. This position made me ‘invisible’; it felt like I didn’t exist for the other people.To understand, document and communicate my situation I started to use photography as a universal and independent language. Through the images I make, I would like to discover who I really am and to ‘show’ how my ‘world’ looks like out of a mental in-between space, influenced by time and geography and created by the overlapping of two worlds: the one I come from and the one where I am now. Therefore I am the observed (becoming an actor) and the observer (telling stories): my life is the work; I am the work and always in progress. In this process, semi-fictional imagery of people, recreated rituals, objects from the streets, texts and appropriations come across.

The end result of my work has value when it is seen as part of the migrant history and towards a future of international tolerance, acceptance, and social and political equality.